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Canvas Data Collection and Usage

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The Canvas Learning Management System gathers data about student usage and interaction in the online platform. The full extent of data gathered by the system is outlined in the Canvas Data Portal, authored by the software company that makes Canvas, Instructure. These data are managed in accordance with Instructure’s Product Privacy Notice and Stanford’s Online Privacy Policy.

Some data are made available to authorized Stanford faculty and staff for the purpose of improving instruction and students’ experiences using the platform, as well as other purposes consistent with that faculty/staff member’s role and responsibilities. A subset of these data are also made available to faculty and instructors through an analytics tool called New Analytics, created by Instructure and offered as a standard feature in Canvas.

As a part of a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration, some data may be shared with certain providers of third-party educational tools so that those tools can be used in Canvas courses.  Anonymized data may be used in educational research or for other purposes (e.g., Google Analytics) aimed at enhancing the learning experience.