New Design for Scheduler/Appointment Sign-ups

A new design for appointment sign-ups will be introduced for Spring 2018, making the process easier for students. This feature was previously known as the Scheduler within the global Calendar tool.

Changes for Instructors and Teaching Staff:

The Appointment Group function is now integrated into the Create New Event workflow. There is no more Scheduler button. Just click the + button at the top of the Calendar, then select Appointment Group as the event type. Slots will then display on the calendar, appearing faded for slots that are still available and bolded for slots that are reserved. Clicking on a slot gives options to edit or delete the slot or edit group details of the appointment group.



Changes for Students:

The most important improvement is that students no longer have to remember to enable their course calendar in the sidebar before they search for appointment slots. With the new design, students click Find Appointments and select a course, then the associated course calendar is enabled automatically. Slots display in the context of the calendar, appearing bolded for slots that are available and faded for slots that are reserved. Therefore, it’s much easier for students to distinguish between available slots and other calendar events. If there are no slots in the current month or week of the student’s calendar, a message will pop up with a link to the next available slot.



Canvas Guides:

Create an Appointment Group (Instructors/TAs/Admins)
Sign up for an Appointment (Students)

Stanford Canvas Help Center:

New Design for Scheduler/Appointment Sign-ups

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