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Announcing Changes Coming to will unveil some exciting changes on Tuesday, October 18th.

What’s new?

  • An updated look
  • Integration with Canvas, meaning that any syllabi posted to Canvas will automatically show up on this site

Only viewing of syllabi will be supported initially.

Posting of syllabi will need to be done in Canvas:

  • On, click on “Go to Canvas” (Figure 1). You will be asked to Web authenticate if you haven’t done so. If you have already Web authenticated into another Stanford system, then you will be taken directly to Canvas.
Stanford Syllabus Site Figure 1
Figure 1

  • Once in Canvas, you will see Canvas courses to which you have access to post syllabi. These courses show up as tiles on your Dashboard. Anyone with Course Admin, TA, or Teacher role in the Canvas course site can post syllabus content to the site.
  • Click on a course tile, then click on Syllabus on the course navigation bar
  • Please read the text that explains what content will be accessible when and by whom at (Figure 2)
Stanford Syllabus Figure 2
Figure 2
  • Click Edit to post syllabus content. If you simply want to add a syllabus file, click on “Upload a new file,” select your file, choose the usage right designation, then click “Update Syllabus” (Figure 3),
Stanford Syllabus Figure 3
Figure 3
  • Go to Select the academic term* and subject under which your course can be found. You will see that your course syllabus has been made available on this site.

*To access syllabi older than Fall 2016, go to

4 comments on “Announcing Changes Coming to”

  1. We often referred to the Syllabus site for archived syllabus from previous years. Where did the syllabus from the previous website go? Will we be able to access them?

    1. Thanks for your comment. There will be an archive site for syllabi from previous years. We’ll post a link to the archive site as soon as it’s available.

  2. I would really love to have access to the archived syllabi again, since they have been such a great resource for planning what to take.

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