Roster Photos

Announcing Roster Photos

In one-on-one consultations, surveys and help desk tickets, faculty and TA’s have told us that roster photos was one of the features they relied on in CourseWork and is one of the most needed features in Canvas.

Our VPTL Canvas team listened to your feedback and developed a roster photo tool for Canvas. Instructors, TAs and course admins in Canvas can now access official student Campus ID card photos. Roster photos help you put a face with a name and make it easier to get to know your students more quickly. Just click Roster Photos on your course menu to see student photos.

You can choose to view photos by your entire course or by section. You also have the option to print or download your roster.

Here’s a list of Canvas feature gaps and requests that we know about and are working on. Please let us know if there are other features from CourseWork that you need in Canvas.

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