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Announcing the CourseWork Archive and Self-Serve CourseWork Course Migration

Was my CourseWork content migrated to Canvas?

All CourseWork courses from Fall 2014 through Fall 2016 were migrated to Canvas. Some earlier courses were also migrated by request.

The deadline for requesting migration from CourseWork has passed. Any additional content migration will be self-serve. See below for details on accessing CourseWork Archive.

Migrated courses include:

  • materials
  • assignments
  • syllabi
  • forum topics
  • custom home pages
  • wiki pages

Migrated courses DO NOT include:

  • student work (assignment submissions, file uploads)
  • announcements
  • forum/discussion posts
  • schedule
  • any other content not listed above

How do I access CourseWork content that wasn’t migrated to Canvas?

CourseWork Archive will be available for at least the next two years (2017-2018). It contains all the content previously in CourseWork. Email to request access.

How do I find my migrated CourseWork content in Canvas?

Log into Canvas, click Courses in the left hand global navigation bar, then click the All Courses link.

Courses - All Courses

CourseWork content sites are named with the old CourseWork site name plus the term ‘Migrated Content’ (e.g., F15-HUMBIO-2A-01 Migrated Content).

Migrated Content Courses

Depending on how many courses you have, Migrated Content courses may also appear on your Canvas dashboard. If you want to hide these courses from the dashboard, go to Courses > All Courses and star the courses you want to see on your dashboard.

What can I do with my migrated CourseWork content?

The Migrated Content course sites are meant to serve as an archive for past CourseWork content and can not be modified. You can not add new content, add new people or use the Migrated Content course sites to run a live course. If you need to request access for a teaching assistant or admin, please email You can import the migrated content into new Canvas courses.

How do I copy my CourseWork content into my new Canvas course?

From your new Canvas course, click Settings at the bottom of the course navigation menu, then click the Import Content into this Course button. See this Import Content guide for full instructions.

Import Content Button

When selecting a course site to copy from, make sure you select a course with ‘Migrated Content’ in the title to ensure you are getting migrated CourseWork content. If instead you select a course with the regular course title (e.g., Plant Biology), that will not have course content if you have not used Canvas to run a course yet.

Import Migrated Content

After the import of content is complete, migrated CourseWork materials will appear in the Files tool and migrated CourseWork assignments will appear in the Quizzes tool. All migrated CourseWork content is unpublished. Make sure to publish any content you want to make available to students. When finished arranging content, be sure to click the Publish button on the course home page to make the course available to students. See these guides for instructions on publishing content:

Publish Files
Publish Quizzes
Publish Course

To ensure students can see the published content, use the Student View function in Settings.

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