Canvas Course Announcements

There are many new and exciting updates to Canvas Course Announcements this spring.  Updates to Announcements include:

  • Section-Specific Announcements
  • Profile Picture Displays
  • Delayed Announcements
  • Allow Comments Option

Section-Specific Announcements are now available in Canvas!  When creating an announcement, instructors can select to send the announcement to all sections, one section or multiple sections. By default, Canvas will send your announcement to all sections within your course. To select specific sections for your announcement, click the Post to drop-down menu and select sections from the list provided.  Note: If your course does not have sections, Canvas will still show the All my sections option, and all course users can view the announcement.

Figure 1: Section-Specific Announcements

Both the individual announcement and the Announcements page displays the section(s) that can view the announcement.  Users will view announcements for the sections where they are enrolled. Note that they can also view the specific sections where the announcement was posted.

*Note: Section-Specific Announcements are not available in groups.

Figure 2: Announcement View per Sections

Profile pictures display next to each announcement for the user who posted the announcement. If profile pictures are not enabled for an account, the announcement displays a placeholder profile picture.

Figure 3: Profile Pictures

Figure 4: Placeholder Profile Picture

Delayed announcements are identified in the Announcements page and include the upcoming post date and time.  Announcements are locked by default and no longer display a lock icon. Announcements that allow comments include a Reply link under the announcement. Users can view and reply to the announcement by clicking the announcement title or the Reply link.

Figure 5: Delayed Announcements & Locked by Default

Allow Comments Options

In announcements, comments are disabled by default.  Instructors can now allow users to comment in announcements by selecting the Allow users to Comment checkbox. When selected, instructors can also select the option to allow users to post before seeing other replies.

Figure 6: User Comments

In the Announcements page, comments can be allowed or disallowed at any time in the Settings menu for the announcement.

Figure 7: Allowed/Disallowed Comments

Note: Comments cannot be disabled for announcements within groups- only announcements within sections.  

Other Updates Include:

  • External feeds are viewed and managed within a separate sidebar similar to other Canvas features
  • The RSS feed button has been changed to a link within the External Feeds sidebar
  • The lock and unlock icon for allowing or disallowing comments has been changed to a Reply arrow icon

For additional information, the support team is readily available to answer questions or provide a consultation.  Please email:


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