Harmonize Discussion Tool

Canvas Tools – Spring 2018 Pilot

Are you interested in increasing communication, collaboration, and engagement in your courses? Then our Canvas tools being piloted for Spring quarter might be a great fit for you and your students. Just contact the Stanford Canvas team if you’d like to learn more or arrange for a demo of the Harmonize discussion tool or the SuiteC collaboration tools.


Harmonize is a Canvas discussion tool that allows students to communicate, interact and engage more easily with one another. Harmonize supports richer discussion by allowing you and your students to upload multiple files directly within posts, annotate posts, and record audio and video on the fly. Beginning in March 2018, Harmonize is also planning on supporting video annotation.



*SuiteC is a set of Canvas tools developed by University of California, Berkeley and is designed to increase collaboration, foster meaningful student interactions and promote deeper engagement with course materials.

SuiteC Tools:

Asset Library
The Asset Library is a place where students can easily share materials, curate content and discuss each others’ contributions.

The Whiteboard offers a digital canvas-like space where uploaded media, text, graphics, etc. can be combined into something new to enhance student understanding and interaction with course materials.

Engagement Index
The Engagement Index provides insight into student participation and a leaderboard for tracking engagement.

To learn more about SuiteC, check out our Stanford Canvas Course Profile that showcases Jennifer Johnson’s exemplary use of SuiteC and Canvas to enhance teaching and promote collaborative learning in her Program in Writing and Rhetoric courses.

*Update 9/23/20: SuiteC is no longer available.  Please contact us if you’d like to try Harmonize (a rich discussion tool that is similar to SuiteC) or to schedule an appointment to discuss your course and get one-on-one help. For more information, check out our Stanford Canvas help resources for instructors.

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