Canvas Update – Spring 2018

We’re excited to announce several features and resources that have recently been released and share an update about upcoming enhancements for Spring quarter.


Recent Releases


Course Status Notification on Homepage – Publish Course Button

If a course is unpublished you’ll see a notification message on the homepage indicating that the course is not published. You can click the “Publish Course” button to immediately publish your course and make it available to students.

Homepage - Course Unpublished
Homepage – Course Unpublished

Syllabus – Default Homepage for All New Courses

The Syllabus is now the default homepage for all new courses.

Syllabus - Default Homepage
Syllabus – Default Homepage 

Announcements Course Status Message – Publish Course Button

Announcements will not be sent from an unpublished course. For unpublished courses, the Announcements page now indicates that the course is not published. You can click the “Publish Course” button to immediately publish your course.

Announcements - Unpublished Course Warning
Announcements – Unpublished Course Warning


View the Course Status for All Your Courses

You can view the status (published or unpublished) of all your courses:

  1. Click Courses on global navigation bar on left.
  2. Select All Courses (at the bottom of the course list).
  3. Check course status in the Published column on far right.
Course Status for All Courses
Course Status for All Courses

Section-specific Announcements

Section-specific announcements are now available. Check out this Stanford Go Canvas blog post for more information and to learn about additional enhancements to Canvas announcements.

Section-specific Announcements
Section-specific Announcements

Modules – Export Course Content

The “Export Course Content” button in Modules allows students to download module content for offline viewing.

Modules - Export Course Content
Modules – Export Course Content


Note:  Students can download content whether the Export Course Content  button is on or not. However, the button can be turned off under Settings with the Offline Content option, “Allow course content to be downloaded and viewed offline”

Gradescope – Resource Site

Gradescope is a tool that allows instructors to grade paper-based assignments online. Check out the Gradescope Canvas resource site if you’re interested in learning more about getting started with Gradescope.

Gradescope Resource Course
Gradescope Resource Site


New for Spring 2018

New Design for Scheduler/Appointment Sign-ups for Spring 2018

A new design for appointment sign-ups will be introduced for Spring 2018, making the process easier for students. This feature was previously known as the Scheduler within the global Calendar tool. Check out our Stanford Go Canvas Blog post for more information.

Appointment Sign-up
Appointment Sign-up

Harmonize (Discussion Tool) – New Video Annotation Tool for Instructors

Harmonize is a discussion tool that allows students to communicate, interact and engage more easily with one another. A Harmonize video annotation tool for instructors was recently released.

Harmonize - Video Annotation Tool for Instructors

Please email if you have any questions, would like a demo of Harmonize or if you would like to participate in the Spring 2018 Harmonize pilot.

Harmonize – Video Annotation Tool for Instructors

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