New Course Navigation Menu - No Content

Course Navigation Menu Changes

On October 19 the Canvas course navigation menu got a new look. The menu changes are designed to help improve accessibility by sharpening contrast and using both color and visual indicators to define currently active menu items.

NOTE: Some course navigation menu items (e.g, “Settings” and some external tools like “Roster Photos” are not visible to students but will not display the crossed-out eye icon.) To check which navigation menu items are visible to students click Student View on the course Home page. 

What’s new?

  • The active menu link will be displayed in black text and marked with a vertical line.
  • Hovering over a menu link will cause it to be underlined. 
  • A link that is not visible to students will be designated by a crossed-out eye (Crossed-out Eye Icon ) icon .  This replaces the light gray text formerly used to designate hidden links.
    • If a link is hidden because it has no content, the tooltip will read “No content. Not visible to students.”
New Course Navigation Menu - No Content
New Course Nav Menu - Hidden Menu Item

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