Enable & Use SCRIBE in Canvas

SCRIBE tool in Canvas

Stanford Converter into Braille and E-Text (SCRIBE) is an online document conversion tool that transforms text and image-based files into a variety of output options, including audio, Braille, or e-text formats. SCRIBE doesn’t only benefit students who are in need of an accommodation. The tool can also help students who may be developing their English skills and provides alternatives for learners who prefer to listen to content. 

SCRIBE has been a readily available resource as a standalone tool for anyone with a Stanford email address to utilize. Many who take advantage of the standalone tool are, in fact, not students with disabilities. To enhance the student experience, and in alignment with Stanford IDEAL, SCRIBE was added to Canvas during Winter 2021 and is currently available in all Canvas courses. Anyone with access to a Canvas course where SCRIBE is enabled can make use of the tool. 

This self-service, automated tool streamlines the conversion process of Canvas course documents into alternative formats. While students can convert files with the standalone SCRIBE tool, enabling SCRIBE within Canvas will provide a streamlined workflow for your students who already make use of the tool. If you do not see SCRIBE in your Canvas course navigation, customize the navigation to enable SCRIBE so all your students can benefit. Ensuring students have tools to enhance their learning in an online environment provides a more positive educational opportunity to all.

For students who do require alternate format accommodations, enabling the SCRIBE tool will facilitate the efficient and independent remediation of course materials into a format that’s accessible to them directly in Canvas. The tool is easy to use and conversions usually take 10-30 minutes but larger files could take longer to convert. If a large file conversion is not delivered after 5 hours of the original request, please contact canvashelp@stanford.edu.

For more information regarding SCRIBE in Canvas, please see our Using SCRIBE in Canvas help article. Visit scribe.stanford.edu for best practices, FAQs, an e-learning course, and more. Still have questions? Contact the Office of Accessible Education!