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New Canvas Gradebook Design Coming in Spring 2019

Canvas has a new design for the gradebook, which will replace the current design this summer. If you would like to preview the new gradebook this spring, you will be able to enable it in your course when the spring quarter starts on April 1, 2019.

What’s New?

There are some new features, as well as interface improvements to allow for greater filtering, sorting, and display options. Menus and icons have been updated.


  • A grade detail tray to click through all assignments for one student or all students for one assignment, and edit grade, status, and comments for each
  • Ability to define a grade for all missing submissions
  • Ability to define late policies to apply deductions for days or hours late
  • Ability to set the status of a grade (with customizable colors) to indicate Late, Missing, Excused, Resubmitted or Dropped submissions

Functional Comparison of Current vs. New Gradebook

How do I use the New Gradebook?


How to enable the new gradebook in your course

  • Go to Settings within your course and click the Feature Options tab.
  • Click the toggle next to the New Gradebook option.
  • Warning: If you add late policies, you will not be able to revert back to the current gradebook design, which doesn’t support that feature. You will need to remove the late policies if you want to revert back to the current design.

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