Publish Canvas Course Tutorial

Don’t forget to publish your Canvas course before the quarter begins!  Listed below is a step-by-step walkthrough of the process to publish a course.  We have also made a Publish Canvas Course Tutorial video available.   *Note: Please enlarge Canvas dashboard screen to ensure all visuals are visible.  

Publish a Course

To publish a course, click the Publish button in the right hand sidebar.  

Figure 1: Home Dashboard

If you have yet to choose a home page, you’ll be prompted to select one prior to publishing the course.  Your options include a Course Activity Stream, Course Modules, Assignment List or Syllabus.  If you are unsure which option to select, please click on the associated link to learn more about each option. You may want to select Syllabus, so that it is the first thing students see when visiting your course.  Once you select an option, click ‘Choose and Publish.’  Please note that if you don’t select an option and click “Choose and Publish” the default view will be Course Modules. And if you are not already using Course Modules, you will be prompted to create a module.   

Figure 2: Choose Home Page

Once your course has been published, the “Published” button will appear green and you’ll receive a View Confirmation alert that the ‘Course was successfully updated.’

You may change the Course Home Page view at anytime by navigating to the right side bar from the home screen and clicking ‘Choose Home Page,’ under Course Status.  

Figure 3: Modify Course Home Page

If you need assistance in setting up your course, you may request a consultation by sending a request email to:

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