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(Re)introducing Panopto Course Videos, new home for all your recordings, including Zoom

Please see the updated blog, The advantages of scheduling Zoom meetings in Canvas and using Panopto Course Videos.

Panopto has been available as a hidden tool in Canvas for several years for most schools (except the Graduate School of Business) under the name “Course Videos”*. On August 28, Panopto began appearing automatically in Canvas course navigation menus under the name “Panopto Course Videos”. On September 12, Panopto Course Videos will also become the home of Zoom cloud recordings for meetings scheduled from the Canvas Zoom tool.

Compared to Canvas Files, Panopto offers unlimited storage quota, better status reporting, and quicker speed for your video uploads. Panopto also has searchable transcripts and indexing and better control over who can access your videos and for how long. Therefore, Panopto Course Videos is our recommended choice for self-recording or uploading video within Canvas. 

These are some of the reasons why we’ve chosen to automatically transfer Zoom cloud recordings scheduled through Canvas directly into Panopto Course Videos, beginning September 12, 2020. Meeting recordings will still appear in the Cloud Recordings tab of the Canvas Zoom tool during Fall 2020 so no immediate change is needed.

A few courses schedule their Zoom meetings in the Zoom webportal, mobile or desktop app so they are not automatically associated with the Canvas course; those recordings will only appear in the Zoom webportal and not in the Canvas Panopto Course Videos tool.

Learn more about using Panopto at

*The Graduate School of Business, School of Medicine, and Continuing Studies Program have been using their own tools for course videos, so will continue to use their own method of featuring Zoom recordings (either in the Canvas Zoom tool, or elsewhere in the course site). The GSB will continue to use Kaltura under the name “Course Videos.” A few other departments have decided to hide the Panopto tool because it is not as relevant to their instructors.

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