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Schedule Your Mid-Quarter Feedback

Now is a great time to schedule mid-quarter feedback for your Spring classes with VPTL. The Small Group Feedback Session is widely considered one of the most useful forms of mid-quarter feedback. Students value the opportunity to give feedback, and instructors have the opportunity to incorporate feedback mid-quarter, before the course ends. Graduate student TAs and CAs can also request a midterm SGFS, midterm online feedback survey, or class video recording and consultation using the the below links.

Sources of Mid-Quarter Feedback

Midterm Small Group Feedback Session (SGFS)

Do you want to know what your students think of your section so far? During a small group feedback session, a VPTL consultant confers with your students, who are divided into small groups in class to discuss what is going well and what could be improved in your class or section. The consultant presents their feedback to you later in a private meeting. Learn more and schedule an SGFS >>

Class Video Recording & Consultation

Do you want in-depth feedback on your teaching? VPTL can arrange a video recording of your class, and a consultant will then meet with you to go over the recording and offer suggestions. Learn more and schedule a recording >>

Midterm Online Feedback Survey

Don’t have time for a small group feedback session? VPTL will help you set up an online feedback survey and will give you the confidential, anonymous results. Learn more and schedule an online survey >>

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