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The advantages of scheduling Zoom meetings in Canvas and using Panopto Course Videos

Instructors are not required to record class meetings in Zoom, but doing so gives greater flexibility to students during this trying time. In most cases, Zoom meetings should be scheduled from the Canvas Zoom tool so recordings will be automatically copied to Panopto Course Videos.* Exceptions to this recommendation are webinar meetings or section-specific meetings, as the Canvas Zoom tool does not yet support these cases.

The advantages of Panopto for Zoom recordings

There are several advantages to you and your students to having Zoom recordings copied to Panopto, but one worth highlighting is that all members of your teaching team will have access to see and manage the videos, even after the end of the term. This is important if you end up needing to retain recordings beyond the end of the quarter for students who take an incomplete. 

Once you verify that Zoom recordings were successfully imported to Panopto, you can delete Zoom recordings at the end of the quarter, and request extended Panopto access to students in specific cases . If the Office of Accessible Education is providing a human transcriptionist for live Zoom sessions to fulfill an accessibility request, you should maintain your Zoom recordings in your Zoom cloud for the time being.  Therefore, Zoom recordings will not be auto-deleted from Zoom after import into Panopto for Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 quarters but may be in future quarters.

The advantages of Panopto over Canvas Files

If you have video course content you need to share with your course, you can manually upload or self-record it in Panopto Course Videos, not Canvas Files. Unlike Canvas Files, Panopto does not have file size restrictions, offers unlimited storage quota, has a quicker and more intuitive upload experience and offers better control over who can access your videos and for how long. Videos in your Panopto library are auto indexed to be searchable for any spoken word or word that shows up in a slide. 

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*If Zoom recordings aren’t moving to Panopto for the current quarter, it could be because you imported your meeting into the Canvas Zoom tool or your department or school is not using Panopto. The Graduate School of Business and Continuing Studies Program have their own tools for course videos, so will continue to use their own method of featuring Zoom recordings (either in the Canvas Zoom tool, or elsewhere in the course site). The GSB will continue to use Kaltura under the name “Course Videos.” A few other departments have decided to hide the Panopto tool because it is not as relevant to their instructors. For issues with Zoom recordings not showing up in the Panopto Course Videos tool and other general questions about Panopto, please contact

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