Winter 2020 Canvas Courses Are Now Available

Winter 2020 Canvas Courses

If you don’t see your Winter 2020 courses on your Canvas dashboard, please let the Canvas team know at

Canvas Course Setup Tips

Winter 2020 Canvas Course Setup Sessions

The VPTL Canvas team is offering Canvas course setup session to help you get started with your Winter 2020 Canvas courses. To set up an appointment, please email us at

Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for a few instructors and TAs who will let us observe them set up their courses and answer a few questions, in order for us to improve Canvas. In return, these volunteers will receive customized in-person help.

Time slots are available:

  • Mon-Wed Oct 21-23
  • Tues Oct 29

Location: 408 Panama Mall Room 034 (basement) 

Reserve your time for personalized help with members of the Stanford Canvas team and help us improve Canvas!

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