Canvas Road Map - September 2019

Canvas Update – Fall 2019

Here’s what’s new for Fall 2019:


New Canvas Syllabus Design – Easier File Upload

The Stanford Canvas team implemented an improvement to the Syllabus tool in order to provide instructors an easier, more intuitive way to upload a single syllabus file. Guide: How do I add a syllabus?

Upload Syllabus
New Canvas Syllabus Design

Stanford Well-Being Resources

There’s now a link to Stanford well-being resources for students, faculty and staff on the Canvas Dashboard.

Well-Being Resources
Stanford Well-Being Resources

Harmonize Discussion Tool – New Features

Harmonize is a discussion tool that allows students to communicate, interact and engage more easily with one another. Harmonize supports richer discussion and collaboration by allowing you and your students to upload multiple files directly within posts and easily record audio and video comments.

Harmonize Discussion Tool
Harmonize Discussion Tool

New Harmonize Features for Fall 2019:

  • @mentions in Text Editor
  • Options for Visibility of Posts:
    • Instructor & Student Only
    • Section-specific
    • Group-specific
    • Anonymous Posts
    • Student Must Post Before Seeing Other Posts & Comments
  • Closed Captioning on Videos
  • Zoom Integration 
  • Better Visibility of Notification Settings
  • Student Annotation of Images & Video
Harmonize Annotations

Please let us know if you’d like to use Harmonize in your Canvas course.


New Canvas Gradebook Coming – Option to Turn On

A new gradebook design will replace the current gradebook in Winter 2020. For those of you interested in getting a head start with the new gradebook, it is available for use now. Read about the new features and updates:

New Gradebook
New Canvas Gradebook

VPTL Canvas Road Map

Would you like to see what new Canvas features and enhancements the VPTL Canvas team is working on? Check out our VPTL Canvas Roadmap.

Canvas Road Map - September 2019
VPTL Canvas Roadmap

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