VPTL Canvas Roadmap
VPTL Canvas Roadmap

Canvas Update – Spring / Summer 2019

Here are updated Canvas features for Spring and Summer quarter:


Canvas Analytics Beta

Weekly Online Activity
Analytics Beta - Weekly Online Activity

Weekly Online Activity is a feature in Analytics Beta that allows instructors to track weekly trends in a course. Weekly Online Activity allows instructors to view the average number of page views and participations for a course using an interactive chart or table. Instructors can also filter analytics results to compare the average course activity with a specific section or student.

To enable Analytics Beta in your Canvas course, go to:

  1. Settings at the bottom of the Course Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Navigation tab
  3. Click the 3 vertical dots to the right of Analytics Beta and select Enable
  4. Click Save


Canvas Commons

New Image Search Tool
Unsplash - Canvas Commons Image Search

When instructors and admins share a new resource or edit an existing resource to Canvas Commons, they can select an image to display as a thumbnail for their resource using Unsplash. Unsplash image search replaces the existing Flickr search functionality. Existing images imported from Flickr will not be affected.


New Gradebook

Filter by Groups

When viewing the View menu in the New Gradebook, the Filter option includes a Student Groups link. Instructors can select this option to filter the New Gradebook by student groups. Groups are displayed hierarchically.
New Gradebook - Filter by Student Groups

The Student Names column can also display group names as secondary info. The Groups option is located in the Secondary Info option.
New Gradebook - Filter by Group (Secondary Info)


Harmonize Discussion Tool

Image and Video Annotation for Students (Coming Soon)

The Harmonize team is working on a new feature to allow students to annotate images and video. Please let us know if you’d like to provide input and feedback on the student image and video annotation feature.


VPTL Canvas Roadmap

VPTL Canvas Roadmap
Would you like to see what new Canvas features and enhancements the VPTL Canvas team is working on? Check out our VPTL Canvas Roadmap.

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