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Canvas Update – Spring 2020

Here’s What’s New for Spring:

Shopping Courses in Canvas

Instructors now have the option to make their Canvas courses open for shopping, so students can see course materials and attend course sessions via Zoom (or watch pre-recorded lecture videos) without having to enroll in a course. To search for courses that are open for shopping, visit Stanford Syllabus.

Note: If you do not see Shop Course or Canvas course not open for shopping for any course in Stanford Syllabus, please clear your browser cache to see the most updated information.

Tips for Using Zoom in Canvas

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that allows instructors and students to meet online. You can see each other via webcam, share your screens, chat, use a whiteboard, and the Zoom host can record the meeting from a computer or mobile device. To minimize the chances of experiencing “Zoombombing” we recommend you review our tips for recommended Zoom meeting settings in Canvas, options for scheduling Zoom meetings and sharing Zoom meeting recordings with your class.

Syllabus: Ability to Remove Course Summary Table

Instructors can now uncheck the “Show Course Summary” button in the Canvas Syllabus tool to remove the course summary table.

Show Course Summary Checkbox

To remove the course summary table:

1. Click Syllabus in the Canvas course navigation menu (on left side of screen)
2. Click Edit
3. Uncheck Show Course Summary checkbox4. Click Update Syllabus
4. Click Update Syllabus

Canvas Commons Link Sharing

Canvas Commons is a space for instructors to share and import Stanford Canvas content. Canvas Commons now provides the ability to provide a direct link to content shared in Commons.

Canvas Commons Button

NOTE: You will need to click Commons on the left side of the Canvas menu before you can access Stanford Canvas Commons content with links. (The first time you go to Commons, you’ll need to click Authorize to set up your Stanford Canvas Commons account.)

For an even more seamless content sharing, Canvas Commons now provides the ability to provide a direct link to content shared in Commons.

Resources for Teaching and Learning Remotely

Stanford Canvas Commons Resources

After you log in to Canvas and click the Commons button on the left side of the screen, you can click the links below to import these resources from Commons and customize them for your Canvas course.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education shared these helpful Canvas templates for online teaching in Canvas Commons:

  • Online Teaching Course Shell (Course)
  • Online Teaching Course Shell: Structuring Your Online Class Sessions (Module)
  • Online Teaching: Technology Accessibility Survey (Quiz)
  • Online Teaching: Module Week 1: Launching Your Class (Module)

NOTE: These Canvas Commons resources will be imported into the Modules, Quizzes, and Pages areas of your Canvas course.

The Center for Teaching and Learning developed a selection of sample “exit ticket” questions that you might consider using in the last ~5 minutes of a class session to help you gauge student experience and get student feedback. 

  • Exit Ticket Compilation (Module)

Stanford Teach Anywhere Website

Visit the Stanford Teach Anywhere website for additional resources for teaching online. The site includes:

The Office of the Vice Provost for Technology and Learning (VPTL) has developed recommendations for technologies tailored to particular instructional styles, including equipment checklists and step-by-step instructions that guide you toward teaching your courses online. In addition, on a first come, first serve basis, a limited stock of kits based on VPTL’s recommended technologies are available for Spring Quarter instructors. Please reach out to your local IT, who will be able to process your request.

Stanford Resources

This Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education resource also provides useful pedagogical recommendations for teaching online and important considerations to keep in mind when using online tools such as Zoom (Run Your Class Live with Zoom | Facilitating Student Presentations in Zoom).

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