CourseWork Content Download Instructions

1. Get the WebDav URL for your CourseWork site:

  • Request access to the CourseWork archive site at
  • Go to your CourseWork site.
  • Click the Materials tool (or Drop Box tool) in the left navigation bar.
  • Click the “Upload-Download Multiple Materials” link at the top of the Materials (or Drop Box) page.



  • Copy the WebDAV URL for your CourseWork site.


2. Download and install the CyberDuck application, if you have not already done so, at CyberDuck is a free, open source software compatible with Mac and Windows.

3. Make a WebDAV connection to your CourseWork site’s Materials (or Drop Box) tool using CyberDuck

  • Open the Cyberduck application.
  • In the Quick Connect field, paste in the WebDAV URL and press Enter.
  • WARNING: If your WebDAV URL ends with a plus “+” sign, Cyberduck will fail to connect. You can get around this by changing the “+” to “%2B” in the Quick Connect field.

Cyberduck Screenshot


  • When prompted, type in your username (SUNet ID) and password. If you get a ‘Login failed’ message before you get a chance to enter your username and password, make sure to uncheck the Anonymous Login option, then enter the information.
  • Click Login.

4. You will now see a window that displays your CourseWork site’s Materials (or Drop Box) content. Drag and drop files to your local drive.