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If Your Class Can't Meet in Person

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If, on top of needing to create a course and manage a course in Canvas, you are unable to hold class in person, learn more about how to have lectures, office hours, and exams remotely below.

1. Record your lectures

You can pre-record lectures in Panopto (called Panopto Course Videos in Canvas) or pre-record lectures in Zoom for later upload to Panopto.

2. Move your class to Zoom

Schedule class meetings to get together with students live over Zoom videoconferencing. Zoom also has a feature that allows you to record your online meetings. (The Zoom recording feature can be used to record your lectures as well.)

3. Open your course for shopping

Open Course for Shopping so non-enrolled students will be able to temporarily browse Zoom meetings and recordings and other content during the shopping period, if they can't attend your first meetings in person. 

4. Hold office hours online

Use Zoom to set up virtual office hours to meet with students using your webcam, share your computer screen or collaborate using Zoom’s whiteboard feature.  

5. Use video assignments and feedback

Both you and your students can record yourselves as a more casual personal way to turn in and respond to feedback. Use Media Recording Assignment submission option in an assignment to have students record response. Use Media Feedback in SpeedGrader to reply to students. 

6. Hold your exams

Stanford Teaching Commons has advice for running an exam in Canvas or on Gradescope.

Course Design Resources

The Stanford Teaching Commons includes:

Policy Resources

Visit Stanford Teaching Commons for the latest academic policies for in-person sessions and remote exams.