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Managing Your Course

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After creating and publishing your course, you'll need to manage ongoing communication and grading of assignments. If you find you need additional options because you must move your course completely online, see If Your Class Can't Meet in Person.

1. Get to know your students

Your students are visible in Roster Photos, which also includes their preferred pronouns and name pronunciation, if they've set it up in NameCoach. Learn more about Roster Photos + NameCoach

Roster Photos Screen

2. Make announcements

Announcements are sent to students' preferred email or phone.

    Announcement option to delay posting can be checked so Save won't send

    3. Set your notifications

    Set your Notifications and remind students to do so. There’s now an option to set course level notifications.

    Notification Settings

    4. Get to know your grading options

    Use  SpeedGrader (Use Chrome browser) to grade assignments and quizzes and give feedback online, even audio or video feedback. You can manually enter and edit grades in the Gradebook. Third party tool Gradescope is also an option if you have handwritten homework or exams. You may even calculate final grades in Canvas.

    Speedgrader view

    5. Foster collaboration with Groups

    Create Groups (in the People tool) that students can self-join. Unlike a section, a group has special capabilities such as the ability to maintain a subsection of your course site or submit an assignment as a group.


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    Still need help?

    Visit the Instructors section of this site to learn about additional resources or Contact the Stanford Canvas Team.

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