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Announcing Canvas Commons

On March 26, a new tool called Commons will appear in the Canvas menu for Instructors, TA’s and Course Admins.

What is Canvas Commons? It’s a space for Stanford faculty and instructional staff share course resources. You can share course content with everyone  in the Stanford Canvas community, with a specific group or just post resources for your own use.

Need a specific piece of content for your course? Click “Commons” and search the resources shared by Stanford colleagues or those available to use through Creative Commons and import them into your Canvas course.

Have content that other Stanford faculty might find useful? Select “Share to Commons“.  You can choose to share at any level you prefer ranging from your entire course, to a set of modules, a few quizzes or even just an individual image or video file.

To share your entire course, first go to “Settings” on your course menu then click the “Share to Commons” button.

To share individual items select “Share to Commons” from the gear icon next to your course content:

To get the ball rolling, the VPTL Canvas team is sharing a set of resources that you can import  into your own course to help your students get started with Canvas. Just search for “student resources” to find these student orientation materials in Commons. 

Let the sharing begin!

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