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Canvas Update – Spring 2023

Here’s what’s new for Spring 2023

(Additional updates will be added throughout the quarter. Newest updates at the top.)

Bulk Publish and Bulk Unpublish Module and Module Items

Instructors can now bulk publish or bulk unpublish all modules and all module items at a time. At the high level, the options are to publish all modules and module items, publish all modules only, or unpublish all modules and items. At the individual module level, the same options are also available.

Note: Items added from the Files tool must be published and unpublished individually, since usage rights need to be set. 

Publish Icon Color Update

The green published icon has been updated to indicate whether there are student submissions. The original solid green icon means the assignment is published and has no student submission. These types can still be unpublished. The faded green icon indicates that the item has student submissions and cannot be unpublished. The icon color change applies to assignments, discussions, and quizzes. These icons will also appear in the Modules.

RCE Expanding Toolbar

When selecting the More icon (three dots) in the Rich Content Editor, the hidden tools now expand in a secondary row of the toolbar rather than displaying a floating menu with additional options. This improvement makes authoring in the RCE easier since all the tools will remain visible throughout the authoring session.

Drag and Drop Multiple Files

Users can now drag-and-drop multiple files into the Rich Content Editor (RCE), rather than just one. Once the files are dropped into the RCE, usage rights need to be set, one file at a time. If you click the X, trash icon, or close button for a file, that file will not get uploaded to Canvas and you will be directed to set usage rights for the next file in the set.

Starting May 20, 2023, SpeedGrader quick links will be added to the list of options when clicking on More options (three dots) from the Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, and Modules tools. SpeedGrader links will also be available in some other places within those tools. This will enable teaching team quicker access to SpeedGrader.

Spring and Summer 2023 Canvas Course Creation

Spring and Summer 2023 courses are now available on Canvas. To start building out your course, check out First Steps and Tips. If you are teaching a course in Spring 2023 and see the course on Axess but not on Canvas, please let us know at

New Link Color

Links throughout Canvas have been update to be a more prominent blue, making it easier for users to distinguish between text and links.

The Stanford Syllabus website provides links to courses that are open for shopping during the add/drop period. The text indicating whether a course is available for shopping or restricted for shopping have been updated to make it more clear. 

If a Canvas course is open for shopping, it will read "View available Canvas resources before enrolling". Canvas courses that have not been open for shopping will read, "Canvas resources only available to enrolled students". No text will be visible once the add/drop period has passed.

File Names in Notifications

When File notifications are enabled and multiple files are added to a course, the file titles are now included in the notification summary. Note that there is a limit of 20 file titles that can appear in the notification summary detail.

New Quizzes: Outcomes Analysis Report Export

The Outcomes Analysis report for New Quizzes can now be downloaded as a csv file. You must have created outcomes for data to appear in the report. Item analysis reports can not yet be downloaded for New Quizzes.

Gradebook: New Sort Options 

In the Gradebook, instructors can sort individual assignment columns and rows by Excused submissions and Unposted grades.

Note:To filter unposted grades, the Grade Posting Policy must be set to Manually Post Grades.

RCE Equilibrium Button

In the Rich Content Editor Equation Editor, an Equilibrium button is now available.

New Quizzes: Grade one Question at a Time

Starting April 15, 2023, instructors using New Quizzes can grade one question at a time when grading in SpeedGrader. Instructors must enable this setting in SpeedGrader before being able to grade questions one at a time. 

When enabled, instructors can navigate from student to student, viewing only the student responses for the selected question. 

If a student does not have the same active question, instructors will be notified that the question is not available for that student.

New Quizzes: Share Item Bank to current Course

Starting April 15, 2023, when creating a new item bank when building a new quiz, instructors can choose to share the bank to the current course.

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