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Canvas Update - Spring 2024

Here’s what’s new for Spring 2024

(Additional updates will be added throughout the quarter. Newest updates at the top.)

Randomize Student Sort By List

Instructors can choose to randomize the order of students listed within SpeedGrader. When this option is selected, Canvas will remember your preference for the course within your current browser. Instructors can also choose to randomize students based on their submission status, which will randomize students in groups (ungraded, missing, graded, etc).

Sections: Add New Section Relocation & Course Dates

The field to add a new section to a course has been moved above the list of course sections. Any new sections created will be listed first, rather than listed last on the list. Course and Term start and end dates now appear on the Sections page. Course dates will override the Term dates.

Message Students Who Have Not Submitted Update

A checkbox is added when selecting the option to message students who "Have not yet submitted" to exclude sending a message to students who are excused from the assignment.

Exclude students who are excused

Message Students Who Have Submitted

From the Gradebook, a new option has been added to allow teaching team members to bulk message all students who have submitted an assignment. 

Discussions and Assignments Redesign

On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, the Canvas Discussions and Announcements Redesign will be enabled in all Canvas courses. Instructors and students will experience a new look and feel when viewing discussion threads and announcements. The redesign will also add new functionality. More information can be found on the Discussions/Assignments Redesign help guide.

RCE: Find and Replace Plugin

Starting May 18, the Canvas Rich Content Editor will have a Find and Replace tool to help with finding search terms with the option of replacing the results with new text. 

Find and replace tool in RCE toolbar

Below is an image displaying how to search for a key term and the option to replace one or all of the results.

Panel with find and replace options

Message Students Who

The Canvas Gradebook Total column now has the option to 'Message Students Who'. The bulk message can be sent to all students whose total course grade is higher or lower than a specified percentage. 

Message student who option in gradebook total column

Student View Improvements

The Student View button has been updated to be clear that it is an action button. The button now reads, 'Enter Student View'. The LTS Canvas team has also added the button to the Canvas Files tool, which wasn't available previously.

Student View button on Files page

When in Student View, instructors cannot join Canvas groups. Previously, all that was displayed was a lock. Student groups now have clear text that joining groups will not work when in Student View. "Not joinable in Student View" text was added for clarify. 

Student Groups in Student View

Confetti for Submitted Assignments

Upon successful completion of a Canvas assignment, Canvas will display confetti on the page to students upon successful submission. Students can use the Confetti as a way to know that they've successfully submitted their assignment. Confetti will not appear for Graded Discussions or Graded Quizzes. 


Grading Scheme Update

There is a new UI for course grading schemes. Within the course's Settings page, there are new buttons for View, Copy and + New Grading Scheme.

View, Copy, Add New Grading Scheme buttons.

When going to the 'Manage All Grading Schemes' page, instructors will find Search functionality and the ability to archive & restore grading schemes. Instructors can edit the name of in-use schemes but will not be able to edit percentages or points for in-use schemes.

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