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Canvas Update – Winter 2022

Here’s what’s new for Winter 2022

Spring 2022 Canvas Course Creation

Spring 2022 courses are now available on Canvas. If you are teaching a course and the course already appears for you in Axess but you don’t see it in Canvas, let us know at

When a user clicks the hamburger menu to collapse or expand the state of the course navigation menu, their preference is saved until the user manually changes their preference by clicking on the three lines again. The menu state is saved based on each user and their preference is applied for all their courses. The Gradebook page hides the Course Navigation Menu by default, which will always be collapsed regardless of the user’s preference.

Gradebook: Missing Status Removal

When a grade is entered manually by a member of the teaching team for a missing submission, the red missing status is automatically removed. Teaching teams are no longer required to manually remove the label after entering the assignment score. Instructure, the company that owns and operates Canvas, has provided a video to show previous and current behavior.

Modules Link State

In Modules, adding External URLs or External Tools will display the ‘Load in a new tab’ checkbox option. Whichever is your preference (selected/deselected), that preference is retained for any additional URLs or external tool items you want to add. The default is that the checkbox is deselected and content will load, if possible, within Canvas. 

SpeedGrader: Unposted Comment Warning

When you leave a text, media, or audio comment in SpeedGrader without submitting and click to navigate to the previous or next student, a pop-up warning message will appear. The warning is to let you know that your comment hasn’t been posted yet. If you click to Proceed anyway, the comment will save as a draft and navigating back to the student where the comment wasn’t posted will not bring back the warning message. Instead, a red asterisk will appear next to any unposted comments and you will need to click the Submit button next to comments that haven’t been posted yet. 

Note: Unposted comment warning message does not appear when clicking the back or forward browser button, closing out of the tab, or closing out of your browser while in the middle of leaving a comment.

You can opt out of this warning on a per-assignment basis. Viewing another assignment and navigating between students before posting a comment also displays the warning. The option is also stored on a per-browser basis, so viewing an assignment in a different browser will also display the warning.

New Quizzes: Matching Questions Partial Credit

In New Quizzes, the Matching Question question type includes the option to select partial credit, similar to the Multiple Answer question type. Partial credit is the default option for this question type.

LTS Canvas Roadmap

Learn more about the work the LTS Canvas team is working on by checking out the Canvas Roadmap.

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