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Canvas Update – Winter 2023

Here’s what’s new for Winter 2023

(Additional updates will be added throughout the quarter)

Summer 2023 Canvas Course Creation

Summer 2023 Canvas courses are now available on Canvas. To start building out your course, check out First Steps and Tips. If you are teaching a Summer 2023 course and you confirmed you are listed on Axess but you do not see the course on Canvas, please reach out to

Submit on Behalf of Students

Starting March 18, 2023, teaching team members will be able to submit file upload assignments on behalf of students through the Gradebook. The student and teaching team can see who submitted the file(s) and at what time. This option is only available for assignments that allow the option to submit file uploads.

Grade Upload to Axess

For instructors who use the Canvas Grades tool, you can now modify the exported gradebook CSV file and import final grades to Axess at the end of each quarter. A grading scheme must be enabled for in the Canvas course and letter grades assigned. Note that you must modify the exported Canvas gradebook file to the format accepted by Axess, two columns (Student ID and Final Grade).

Announcements Button Update

When creating or editing an announcement, the Save button label has been changed to Publish. 

Spring 2023 Canvas Course Creation

Spring 2023 courses are now available on Canvas. To start building out your course, check out First Steps and Tips. If you are teaching a course in Spring 2023 and see the course on Axess but not on Canvas, please let us know at

Email Notification Reply Warning

When receiving Canvas email notifications, a warning displays that replies to the announcement will be maid public and posted to the announcement.

Keyboard Shortcut Modal Update

In the RCE, the Keyboard Shortcut Modal has an updated design. The Option+0 shortcut to open the Keyboard Shortcut modal has been removed.

Bahasa Melayu Available

The Bahasa Melayu (Malay) language is now available as an option for users to select in the course settings or user settings.

Print Assignment Feedback Comments (Students)

When students print their Grades page, comments that display below the submission details will be included.

Grades page for student with a comment under assignment title

Rich Content Editor Single Click buttons

Most of the buttons in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) are now split buttons with a single action. Buttons affected include Superscript, Links, Images, Record/Upload Media, Documents, Icon Marker Icons, and Align. Previously, buttons were split to include a quick action feature which has since been removed. There are still some buttons that remain split.

Missing Status in Gradebook

Course teaching team members can use the keyboard shortcut to enter mi or MI in the Canvas Gradebook or SpeedGrader to indicate assignments that are missing. This is similar to using ex or EX for excused assignments.

Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste (RCE)

Users can drag & drop or copy & paste files from their device or web directly into the RCE. When doing so, users are prompted to set usage rights for files that are uploaded into the course Files tool.


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