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Download of Course Recordings in Canvas

Students who are attending class online from their homes have lower bandwidths than what they have on campus and can have difficulty streaming videos in Canvas in the Course Videos (Panopto) and Zoom tools. 

Starting on May 29 at 7:00 PM, students will be asked to acknowledge a download agreement once a quarter as they first access either Zoom or Course Videos, shown below.

Course Video download acknowledgement

Once students click “I agree for all of my courses,” students will be able to see recordings in both tools (and meetings in Zoom), and if instructors have enabled download in Zoom or enabled download in Course Videos (Panopto), download these videos from either Zoom tool (Download link appears in the top right of a recording as you watch it) or “Course Video” tool. It is at an instructor’s discretion to enable this, but this agreement gives them the flexibility to do so.

Instructors may have copyrighted materials in their videos and students are only permitted to download them if they agree to these terms.

Students will only have to acknowledge this once a quarter and it will apply to all of their courses and all tools in their courses.

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