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Ed Discussion, Harmonize, and Gradescope now widely available in Canvas

Due to the positive response to Ed Discussion, Harmonize and Gradescope, these tools are now available to most courses in Canvas (with the exception of Continuing Studies Program courses). Teaching teams can enable these tools in their Canvas courses by going to Settings > Navigation tab, dragging the tools from the hidden tool list to the active tool list and clicking Save.

Ed Discussion is a Q&A-style discussion tool that enables students to answer each other’s questions and allows teaching teams to designate a best answer or add answers themselves, resulting in fewer duplicate questions and fewer direct emails to instructors. 

Harmonize is a media-rich discussion tool that supports richer engagement and collaboration by allowing instructors and students to upload multiple files directly within posts and easily record audio and video comments.

Gradescope is an online grading tool that allows paper-based or bubble sheet exams to be scanned, submitted, graded, and analyzed quickly and efficiently. It also allows for homework submission via pdf or scan/photo upload, as well as online and programming assignments. Gradescope supports multiple simultaneous graders, negative marking, and rubric creation on-the-fly with retroactive application.

Note: If you’re choosing between Ed Discussion, Harmonize or Piazza, here is a simple Discussion Tool comparison chart, or a more detailed one.

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