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Gradescope Integration Upgrade Coming September 3, 2024

The Stanford Canvas team is planning to upgrade the Canvas integration with Gradescope to the latest standard (LTI 1.3). Here are the key pieces of information to prepare for this upgrade. If you have any questions, please contact the Stanford Canvas team at

When upgrade will happen:

Tuesday, Sept 3, 2024

Most important changes:

  • The assignment creation workflow now starts in Canvas. The easiest workflow is to use the Course Assignments menu in Canvas. This will open a window to create a new assignment in Gradescope and will create a linked/matching assignment in Canvas at the same time.
  • You can no longer link assignments to Canvas from the Gradescope side. Linking must be done from the Canvas side. If you already have assignments created in Gradescope, you can link to an existing Gradescope assignment when you create a new Canvas assignment.
  • Links to existing courses/assignments made prior to the September 3, 2024 upgrade will need to be relinked if you need to sync any data from Gradescope to Canvas (e.g., new grades for incompletes). If you need help with this, contact the Stanford Canvas team at

Benefits of Upgrade:

  • The Canvas integration is improved, allowing Gradescope to appear in the Canvas content frame rather than launching the Gradescope website in a new browser tab. Students will be able to submit their work to Gradescope directly within their Canvas course, which simplifies the submission process and reduces the potential confusion of having to use two separate systems.
  • Assignment creation is quicker, allowing an instructor to create a Gradescope assignment and matching Canvas assignment in one workflow.
  • LTI 1.3 allows for better security.
  • New features added to Gradescope are only applied to the LTI 1.3 integration, so instructors and students will be able to benefit from future development of the Gradescope platform.

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