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Introducing Easy Course Import

Why We Created the Easy Course Import Feature

The Stanford Canvas team has built a custom Easy Course Import feature in order to address the following areas of confusion caused by the default Canvas import feature. 

  • When instructors select ‘All Content’ in the default Canvas import feature, they often get content they don’t want to reuse, like calendar events or announcements, and then have to remove the content one by one. 
  • Another issue is that assignments and quizzes import with the original due date. Sometimes, instructors forget to update the due dates, then students can’t access the content. 

The Easy Course Import feature allows the instructor to select a course, then select the content they want to reuse, while also displaying tooltips for content types that should be chosen with caution. The feature also removes all due dates, so it will be more obvious that new due dates need to be added. Please note the default Canvas import feature is still available for those who prefer it.

What’s Different about Easy Course Import

  • The Course Selection menu lists the most recent courses first, for more convenient selection.
  • The Content Selection screen allows the instructor to choose which content to import, so they are not surprised by importing unwanted content.
  • The content types are organized under the Recommended category (content that is commonly imported to a new course) and the Choose with Caution category (content that would rarely be reused or potentially cause unintended consequences) to provide guidance.
  • Due dates are removed from Assignments, Quizzes and Graded Discussions when imported to a new course.

For steps on how to use the Easy Course Import feature, please see the Getting Started with Easy Course Import guide.

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