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New Quizzes

New Quizzes is a new assessment engine that integrates with Canvas as an LTI tool and will replace the current (Classic) Quizzes functionality in Canvas.  Starting September 1, instructors can try out New Quizzes to create assessments using a variety of question types.

Instructure, the company that owns and operates Canvas, is currently planning on sunsetting Classic Quizzes and enforce use of New Quizzes as early as mid-2022.  However, this timeline is subject to change.  To stay up-to-date, subscribe to Instructure’s Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline.

New Quizzes will not have feature parity with Classic Quizzes.  Listed below are some of the current Classic Quizzes functionality that will no longer be available: 

  • Survey functionality
  • Ability to bulk download file submissions 
  • Export a .csv file of student responses
  • Attach a file to a question type [This is planned to be in place prior to the sunset of Classic Quizzes.]   

Learning Technologies and Spaces is researching tools to fill in feature gaps. Please email to learn more and try out New Quizzes in a Canvas course. 

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