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VPTL Mid-quarter Teaching Feedback Survey – Now Available on Canvas Commons

Get Mid-quarter Teaching Feedback

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) has designed an anonymous online survey to help instructors get feedback from students mid-way through the quarter so that you can make quick adjustments and optimize your students’ learning experience.

VPTL Mid-quarter Teaching Feedback Survey on Canvas Commons

To import the VPTL online survey into your Canvas course:

1. Log in to Canvas.

2. Click Commons (Canvas Commons is an online space for Stanford faculty and instructional staff to share course resources, and is restricted access).

Canvas Commons

3. Search for ‘Mid-quarter Feedback Survey: Short Version’ (or if you’d like more detailed feedback, search for ‘Mid-quarter Feedback Survey: Long Version’).

4. Under ‘Import into Canvas’, click the checkbox(es) to select the course(s) you’d like to import the survey into.

5. Click Import into Course. (The imported survey will be unpublished and will not be visible to your students until you decide to publish.)

Import to Canvas Course

6. Find the imported survey in your course’s “Quizzes” section then click “Edit” to customize and add instructor name. 

7. Click “Publish” to make the survey visible to your students.

8. To view the completed survey data, click “Survey Statistics” and then “Student Analysis” to receive a .csv file with the responses organized by question. (NOTE: VPTL Mid-Quarter Feedback Survey results are anonymous.)

The new Canvas Commons mid-quarter feedback survey workflow works best for courses with one instructor or one TA who’d like quick and easy feedback from students. If you need mid-quarter feedback for multiple instructors or TAs in one course, please contact us.

If you have questions about how best to implement the mid-quarter feedback survey or interpret and act upon the results, please email

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