Transition Timeline

The transition to Canvas is now complete. The transition from CourseWork to Canvas took place in phases between September 2015 and December 2016. CourseWork was retired on December 21, 2016. Visit our CourseWork Retirement page for more information.

Canvas Transition Timeline

CourseWork was phased out at the end of Fall Quarter 2016. 

The VPTL Canvas team can migrate content from CourseWork to Canvas. Please contact us to request CourseWork content migration before January 23, 2017. See our Migration Information page to learn more.

CourseWork Archive

The CourseWork Archive site is now available at courseworkarchive.stanford.edu. Access to the archive site is by request only.  Contact us to request access to the CourseWork archive.

Course Migration Status

CourseWork to Canvas Migrations

Fall 2016 Canvas Courses

Fall 2016 Canvas Course Analytics

Summer 2016 Canvas Courses
Summer 2016 Canvas Course Analytics

Spring 2016 Canvas Courses

Spring 2016 Canvas Course Analytics (892 Courses, 1140 Teachers, 10709 Students, 5993 Assignments, 12438 Discussion Topics, 35146 Files Uploaded, 2762 Media Recordings)

Winter 2016 Canvas Courses

Winter 2016 Canvas Course Analytics (564 Courses, 807 Teachers, 8615 Students, 3718 Assignments, 9364 Discussion Topics, 23990 Files Uploaded, 1619 Media Recordings)

Fall 2015 Canvas Courses
Fall 2015 Canvas Course Analytics (307 Courses, 388 Teachers, 6353 Students, 2361 Assignments, 5804 Discussion Topics, 11327 Files Uploaded, 1194 Media Recordings