Outcomes and Conferences hidden

Hide unused tools in Canvas

It is a best practice for instructors to hide course navigation tools they don’t plan to use. While some unused tools aren’t visible to students, some show up. In surveys, students express frustration when they click a tool such as Discussions to discover instructors aren’t using it. Many schools at Stanford help both instructors and students focus by copying templates with only a subset of tools enabled in the course navigation bar.

As the most commonly hidden tools, Outcomes and Conferences will be hidden by default in Canvas starting with Spring 2021 courses. Instructors will see a hidden icon next to the tool, but students will not see the tool at all unless it is unhidden in Settings>Navigation. However, if you are importing a course, either your own or one from Canvas Commons, and choose to import “Settings” or “All content”, it will reflect the tools from the imported course.
We recommend instructors hide additional tools they don’t plan to use. For instance, the Graduate School of Business hides Collaborations and Quizzes. They also hide Files and Pages because their courses use Modules to organize and surface relevant content and activities. This will save your students time and help them find the tools they do need.

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