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Pre-record lectures in Zoom and share on Canvas

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While you can record your lecture in the Panopto Course Videos tool within Canvas, listed below is a streamlined workflow to pre-record lectures in Zoom, then upload them to Panopto in Canvas.

  1. Open your desktop Zoom App and click “New Meeting.” If you do not have the Zoom App, go to and login with your SUNet ID to create a new meeting.
  2. Proceed as you would for a regular meeting: Select your audio source upon joining the meeting and when ready, share your screen
  3. Click Record and select Record on this Computer for a higher quality video (If you do not see the Record button, widen your screen or click the More… button). 
  4. When you are done, end meeting for all, and upload the recording file in Panopto (You will find your recording file in the Zoom folder within your Documents folder). Please do not share it in Canvas Files, as the file size is likely to exceed your quota.
  5. Once in Panopto, you can edit the recording. You’ll need to click a few options you want Panopto to autotranscribe your uploaded recording.
  6. For further assistance, contact or visit

Lecture recordings from previous terms: If you have Panopto recordings from a past course that you’d like to reuse in your current course and can attest to these conditions for reuse, contact for assistance in moving your files