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Canvas Update - Winter 2024

Here’s what’s new for Winter 2024

(Additional updates will be added throughout the quarter. Newest updates at the top.)

Gradebook Multi-Select Filters

Starting March 16, 2024, instructors can select multiple filter options for each filter type within the Gradebook. The behavior previously was that only one option per filter type was selectable. 

Canvas Media Right-Click Update

When right-clicking on media in the Rich Content Editor, the options to download media, open media in a new tab, and copy the media address are removed from the menu.

Removal of Non-Web Safe Font Options

Certain non-web safe fonts have been removed from the Rich Content Editor to help with having text appear as intended. The default fonts will be those that are built-in to most machines. The removal of fonts does not affect existing content, and if you would like to use custom fonts, that can be added using HTML.

Unpublish Module Only

Instructors are now able to select the option to unpublish a module only. When choosing this option, all items within the module will not be available, even if published. 

Modules publish options from drop-down menu

Calendar: Manual Input of Event Time

When creating Events in the Canvas calendar, instructors can now select From and To times from a drop-down list of 15 minute increment times or manually input any time by using their keyboard. This provides flexibility to the times. Originally, instructors were only able to select from the drop-down menu of 5 minute increments.

Student Grades: Submitted Date Column

After submitting a Canvas assignment, students will now be able to see a timestamp of of when they successfully submitted the assignment from their Grades page. The timestamp will include the date and time of submission. 

RCE: Course File Hover Displays Full Name

When embedding a course file through the Rich Content Editor, the panel with a list of course file names has a limit of how much of a file's title will be displayed in view. Instructors can now hover over the file name and Canvas will display the entire name.


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