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Announcing enhanced Google integration with Canvas

On August 31, 2023, we added a Google integration to that will interest both students and instructors.

The latest Google integration, Google Assignments (LTI 1.3), is now pre-installed. It is more secure and enhances and expands on the functionality of the previous Google integrations it is intended to replace.

  • An earlier Google integration, called Google Drive (LTI 1.1), was available on request but is no longer available. 
  • A more limited integration called Google Docs is still pre-installed in Collaborations, but will become unavailable in 2024. 

A note before use

We recommend using your university Google account ( when accessing this functionality, even if some functionality can be accessed with a personal Gmail account. You can only create a Google Assignment and collaboration from your, but other features allow you to choose a Google account. While we don’t expect you will be sharing high risk data which would require the use of your account, for your own privacy and to avoid confusion that can be caused by switching accounts, we don’t recommend signing in with your personal Gmail account. 

Either way, keep in mind that if you do sign in with your personal email, 

  • Collaborators will see your personal Gmail when they view the people with access to the file or project. 
  • Files shared via Canvas modules or the rich content editor will have your personal Gmail associated with it and be shared with anyone who has the link in order for it to be visible to the class.
  • Teachers will see your personal Gmail when you are responding to a Google Assignment (this is not true if you are responding to a file upload Canvas assignment by clicking the Google Drive LTI 1.3 tab; those files are converted to docx, xlsx, and pptx).

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