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Canvas Update – Fall 2022

Here’s what’s new for Fall 2022

(Additional updates will be added throughout the quarter)

Student Feedback Visibility Update

Students' Grades page will include a single column to include the score a student earned on an assignment as well as the total number of points the assignment is worth. Previously, there were two separate columns.

New Quizzes - Clearing Multiple Choice Answer Selections

For New Quizzes, instructors can choose to enable a setting to allow students to clear multiple choice answer options when taking the quiz. 

Student Pronouns in Canvas

Starting October 17, 2022, student who have entered their pronouns in Axess will have pronouns displayed throughout Canvas. Teaching team members and fellow classmates will be able to see student pronouns. In addition to displaying in the Roster Photos tool, student pronouns will appear in the People tool, Discussions, Inbox, and more. For a detailed list for where pronouns appear, check out the student guide as well as instructor guide

Speech-to-text Recognizes Browser Languages

When using the Google Chrome browser, using the speech-to-text SpeedGrader feature now recognizes languages other than just English. For more information, see Instructure's Speech Recognition guide.

New Quizzes Hub

Instructure, the company that owns and operates Canvas, launched the New Quizzes Hub for all things New Quizzes. The Hub includes product updates, discussions, questions, roadmap, and feedback with regards to New Quizzes. Prior to using New Quizzes in a course, we recommend reviewing the Missing or Changed Functionality in New Quizzes guide

LTS Canvas Roadmap

Learn more about the work the LTS Canvas team is working on by checking out the Canvas Roadmap.

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